What’s Going On….

Not updated this thing in a while, which is because I have been pretty busy/pretty slack (delete as you see fit). But here’s a quick look at what’s been going on, most of it you will be able to cop from my Soundcloud page.

Collaborations (including a single), new stuff and cheeky bootlegs as well as an extended twenty minute thing which I was working on, then I wasn’t, then I was, then I wasn’t. So yeah, hats off to the people who let me drag my knuckles over their stuff. And that would be Jane Silence the ‘One Summer Evening’ single is finally out (iTunes etc), with remix action from Tommy Vicari Jnr, I also did a remix for her forthcoming release ‘Send Me A Moment’, you can check the dub up on Soundcloud. I also remixed the Tommy Vicari Jnr track ‘Told U’ with a tiny bit of Krause thrown in the mix for good measure.

There’s the ‘Slab/Suite’ acid tracks which I’m thinking will make a nice cheap bandcamp release at some point. They’re knocking about and people seem to be OK with them so watch this space. More recently are remixes for Arp Attack, the delightful Tara Busch,

Sensoria Image

Tara will be playing at Sensoria 2012

Orbital and The Russian Girls. The latter two I don’t know what is happening with yet, I’m waiting for confirmation from Ralph on being allowed to leak The Russians and I have no idea if Orbital/Lady Leeshur are releasing ‘Wonky’ from the album of the same name as a single. We shall see….

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