What Have I Done (2)…

Or more to the point what am I doing, inbetween other stuff I am putting together new material in a mixed form for Radio Scotvoid at some point in the future. Its proving nice to work in a free form style and in a bid to make new tracks I am going through existing vocal stems in a bid to make something entirely new.  It seems to be working, the latest track called ‘Sirens’ features heavily chopped and processed vocals courtesy of Anne Garner, Jane Silence and Pixiguts.

I’d always wondered what the three of them would sound like ‘in the same room’ so to speak and thanks to the web we can now get round that pesky problem of geographic location. I should hopefully have something for you to listen to before too long.


Marie Craven, Pixieguts.

Pixieguts should be no stranger to a lot of you that read or listen to any of my stuff, firmly established as a cyber collaborator based in Australia she has an excellent collaborative resume that spans the globe and is a real talent.

Jane Silence is based in New York and possesses an atmospheric vocal style that lends itself to any number of genres. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with her on a number of occasions both on original tracks and remixes.

Jane Silence

Anne Garner

Anne Garner meanwhile is based in London (via Sheffield) and has proven herself to have an excellent track record as a singer and songwriter. Her latest work ‘Trusting A Twirled World’ (produced by James Murray) adds to a wonderful discography (Magic & Madness, and the excellent remix album ‘Remaking The Pearl’).

Elsewhere my remix for Daystar’s ‘Off Our Heads’ is now available for free download, its took a while to actually get this one out into the daylight but if you like it you can finally have a copy (and for nowt).

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