Drums Of Death…

this is the EP sleeveDrums of Death has always been a safe pair of hands for club heads. A solid suite of remixes has seen him punctuate dance’s firmament for a while now. His EP’s have been solid and there was a strong album release in the form of ‘Generation Hexed’ in 2010.

Now Drums of Death returns with a squally nasty filthy pill washed little EP on Civil Music and trust me that’s a good thing. Four exquisite club cuts that suitably encompass the darker side of rave. ‘Cold Lazarus’ is circuit blown assault on your senses, a screaming mixture of punched synths stabs, relentless beats and fractured drawn breath sounds that charges through you before before staggering bleeding and beaten over its own finish line.

‘Lost Highway’ is a shimmering clubber’s sunset. Ghostly horn like synths and moody and spacious percussion loiter on the outskirts of the track before it fleshes out and becomes a gauze dimmed haze which almost signals one of those nights where everything might have just started slipping away from you.

Thankfully  ‘I Cant Take It’ arrives like a clenched fist gripping the nape of your neck and planting you back in thick of it. Half sheared vocals, fierce combative high end percussion and agile kicks in the low end. This track stamps its authority in no uncertain terms.

Closing out the EP is ‘Love’s Labour Lost’ a beautiful arpeggiated builder that is surely going to become someone’s dancefloor epiphany at some point. Layer upon layer of synths build within this track to the point where it’s not even the beats that are leading you by the end, a proper teaser piece which keeps pushing and pulling at the listener from start to finish.

Not so much a continuation of Generation Hexed more of an evolutionary step forward, there’s something darker about Drums Of Death that’s been cut loose now.  This has been worth the wait.  Available now from Civil Music.

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