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There’s no shortage of stuff knocking about at the moment for your audio delectation. The last couple of days has seen strong offerings on the mix  front with Boy 8 Bit dropping his one hour Triple J mix over the weekend which should keep our ears busy for a while. Its a moody and direct offering a little less playful than some of his more recent mixes but that doesn’t detract from it in the slightest.

Elsewhere Villa brings another one of his sun dappled loose limbed mixes to the table, I’ve come to expect those gentle loping intros to his sets now, the pace builds slowly but never over cooks and while you’ll undeniably be moving to this its not gonna prove overly strenuous.  Its a nice post weekend antidote.

Elsewhere Toddla T’s ‘Watch Me Dance’ drops a little earlier than expected due to a leaky journalist but as a consequence we get to sample the goods sooner than we expected. We’ve come to expect a real melting pot of influences with Toddla’s music  but this time out he steps up his game from the strident tough funk of ‘Watch Me Dance’  to the house infused Shola Ama vehicle ‘Take It Back’ (the one with the huge piano chords, yeah?). Its a strong album that brings in a world of influences and a number of surprises along the way.  Let’s put it this way, you can tell he’s been travelling. All good and thoroughly recommended. (higlights ‘Body Good’, ‘Streets So Warm’ as well as the obvious singles)

Check the video for ‘Watch Me Dance’ below. The album is available to buy on iTunes.

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