What Have I Done…


Marie Craven, Pixieguts.

Been keeping busy, new tracks with a long overdue guest spot from Pixieguts called ‘Blink Blink’ which brings a little bit of bounce to the table and some finely diced vocals. Then there was the MixedInSheffield ‘Now + Again’ project which saw me getting the opportunity to disassemble Double No No‘s Bullfight. Most recently however I got to do a cheeky little remix for Krause (‘Soaring Through The Starlight’).

Krause is Susanne Clermonts from the Netherlands, releasing music under the Krause banner, you can find out more about her here and check out her debut album ‘No Guts, No Glory’ on iTunes etc.

Krause, Susanne Clermonts

Double No No are Sheffield based trouble causers Nicky B and Danielle Maibaum. Sometimes Nick slings keyboard lines out for The Human League, Danni I often see in the pub (when she is not singing as part of Double No No and turning up on other people’s stuff).

Pixieguts is Australian cyber vocalist Marie Craven, who can be found on absolutely tons of stuff, and if you haven’t checked her out so far you can do so here. She’s part of a thriving online collaborative community that spans worldwide.

Double No No, Nick Burke & Danielle Maibaum



Double No No

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