Free Hostage

Take a little slice of soul nicely trimmed and looped. Sling it in a pan and let it sizzle for a while, then while it reaches a high heat. Crank a ‘party up’ steppers beat under its arse and watch as it gets a little busy, sprinkle some filter over the top just for a little more flavour and garnish.

Then slam one of those brutally clean basslines into the pot you know the ones, the razory bright ones that hit you in the forehead. Keenly sharp mind so they neatly slice you right down the middle and before you know it and your two separate halves slide to the floor all done and dusted before the wobble sets in, did I mention a bit of wobble sets in.

Well it does.

This my friends is ‘The Way You Move’, its the latest cut from Hostage.

Its free. Fill yer boots.
Hostage – The Way You Move by HOSTAGE

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