Bad Buzz…

Well fancy that, I’m gonna herald in the weekend with a tidy little EP from Auckland, New Zealand courtesy of The Mint Chicks. A completely new proposition for me before today but one that I am glad I stumbled upon more by accident than design.

$5 gets you the ‘Bad Buzz’ EP which is a gloriously moody five track collection of darkly shaded power pop. You know the kind, think late 60’s with tales of youthful things going wrong set to ominous drums that fizz with a kind of energy that you would normally associate with barely repressed misbehavior. It almost distorts but never quite intrudes on such territory. Instead the EP as a whole is a hungry little thing that leans out of your speakers and snaps in your face leaving you with a bit of genuine surprise and delight in equal measure and that my friends is what makes it such a wonderful thing.

Oh there’s also a remix onboard as well by some guy called Kody (Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!). Its like they kidnapped Prince’s synth player in the eighties and strapped him to the ceiling of the garage where they were practicing.

Ace, totally totally recommend. Buy it here

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