Bruno Mars…

U.S chart topping unit shifter Bruno Mars has a new single out in the UK next week which goes by the name of ‘Grenade’ its a tale of love and devotion as Bruno lists a considerable number of things he would go through for the sake of his missus.

Sadly these are all things that would lead to a very short relationship because taking ‘bullets to the brain’ and ‘jumping in front of trains’ as well as ‘throwing your hand on a blade’ are frankly irresponsible pastimes and I find myself questioning his suitability to be in a long term committed relationship. I mean the first time they have a row its going to all go tits up isn’t it?  He’s even a dragging a piano along a busy highway in the video. Fucking hell Bruno, will you behave yourself?

Listenable chart friendly pop or the kind of track that someone who is a little bit socially warped will use to stalk someone. Frankly it’s both, be careful out there…

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