Rolling In…

Well, it looks like we’ve got the first big remix of 2011 courtesy of a smart recut of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’. Speaking as someone who really couldn’t get his head round The XX as a band with all their whispery coy haircut pop it makes this all the more a ‘lets ram a big slice of humble pie in the Northern bloke’s gob shall we’ moment. Still if we’re gonna get technical this remix is courtesy of Jamie XX not the whole of The XX so fuck off.

Its a spartan affair it has to be said. But then again this is probably the best way to approach a track like this because Adele drops an effortless vocal which has a bit (but not too much) of sass which reclines all languid over the mix’s twitchy but not too sharp framework. Its spacious and percussive allowing the vocal the wherewithal to weave in and out without getting hitched or snagged anywhere, and I daresay the original hasn’t got a prayer of touching it. There’s also some nice pitching up and down on the voice which is the first time I’ve heard this kind of thing sound acceptable since it was done with Moloko donkey’s years back. It probably means its gonna be de rigeur effect of the year in remix circles which of course could get a bit wanky but for now this really is the cat’s whiskers.

Out on whites now. On iTunes proper in a fortnight courtesy of XL

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