Ugly/Beautiful Sound Canvas…

Ok, so I was chatting with my friend Clare about her upcoming art exhibition and she mentioned the possibility of some kind of soundtrack to the pieces she would be displaying. Something that could be perhaps looped as people look at what she has done. Being into doing stuff with sound in general I figured this would be a nice opportunity to make some kind of sound collage. I’ve done electroacoustic things before now but not for a while and it would give me the chance to try using Ableton differently.

So this is where I could use a little bit of your help. The theme of the exhibition is to do with the visual aesthetics (ugliness and beauty). So I’m looking for people to record a couple of phrases using whatever technology they have to hand and then to email the results to me.

The phrases I’m looking for are “I’m Ugly” and “I’m Beautiful” recorded in whatever fashion you desire (although start with a straight recording and then by all means work your way out and generally go nuts if you want).

Most modern laptops come equipped with a microphone and basic recording software and if you’re an iPhone/Android/Blackberry user you can use the voice memo software that comes with these phones to drop an email with the attached files to me.

You can drop the files to me at

All the people involved will be credited on the piece and I’ll host it somewhere for you to have a listen to after its finished. Many thanks for reading this and if you’re about to start recording well…yer a work of art (no, really you are!)



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