Full 360…

Ultimae have long forged a path of some note in the field of downtempo electronica, a world of brooding soundscapes and melodic interludes. The gentle end of the digital world and if you read the press for Charles Farewell aka Asura’s new collection 360 then you would be led to believe that this is where the label’s direction is all set to continue.

However while there is clearly a lot of Ultimae’s traditional atmospheric content in evidence with this album there is also a marked change in direction. 360 holds a mark of distinction with its muscular more combative stance and vocal contributions on some of the tracks. Granted the synthesized washes and pulses permeate the release but the presence of skittish punchy breakbeats are welcome. Its a driven project, with a feel of tentative experimentation. One that I hope the label will embrace and continue.

Recommend. Out now.

You can find more information on Ultimae releases here

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