Review : Le Migre 2 / Small Radio

This is the cover for Le Migre 2 by Small RadioThe latest release from the collaborative force that is Small Radio ‘Le Migre 2’ picks up with aplomb where the first EP left off. For the uninitiated Small Radio is a collaborative project between Scott Buchanan and Colin Sweeney two geographically displaced Scotsmen, living in the U.S and Sweden respectively. Both Scott and Colin contribute tracks to the project while sharing the mixing and production duties across the board

The EP starts with the gentle melancholy of ‘Leap Shaped Feelings’ dragging itself together like smashed machinery building itself a body out of eight bit wreckage until it strides out of the room all handsome and fully formed with a heart that fizzes like embers. It moves into the austere territory of ‘Excellenti’ which broods and shimmers with distance. Static and tones fleet back and forth in the background behind ghostly piano before we’re hit with narrow blasts of frenetic drum breaks. It is made all the more unusual by the fact that they don’t sit quite where I expected them to in the mix. However we all like being kicked by the unfamiliar from time to time and before you know it they vanish to be replaced by a playful interlude that should by rights turn up in one of those pre fight scenes in a kung fu movie, fair old bit of menace going on there.

‘Blakt In The Darq’ notches up the dark a little more and mixes a black frothed up synth line and half lost words wrapped in static and sweeping percussive noises that move rapidly over the soundscape. Fuzzed up guitars slide up into the foreground and you’re delivered some proper noir twang which leaks out into a nice chimed melody.

‘Jefternet’ closes the EP, slowly coming out of the depths with an insistent sequenced line that jabs like a tattooist’s needle while the growing cast of musical characters suddenly drop away to reveal a stark string like synth. You want metaphors, well this plays the part of your exit ramp off the EP. And a fine collection it is as well. The beauty of this collaboration much like its predecessor is the wealth of ideas crammed into the four tracks. The blending of styles is complimentary and at times it’s almost like one aspect of the track works like a container for the other, bit like Russian dolls, shapes within shapes.

This even goes as far as the mixing of the EP, there are some little moments which made me go “what’s going on there?”, “why is that where it is?” (yeah, I’m referring to the drums on ‘Excellenti’ again as one example). Maybe that’s just me but its been a while since the placement of sound drew comment. I like the fact that its done that.


The EP is out on October 7th and you can find it here


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One Response to Review : Le Migre 2 / Small Radio

  1. Hans Dampf says:

    Thanks alot Adrian for your pithy review on LM2!
    Cheers from Cologne

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